A Few Of The Legends is finally completed.

Today I drove 158 kms up and 158 kms home, to help unpack one of the longest gestation books in the making - 38 years. But what a result. A Few of The Legends has arrived in Australia. Over 600 pages, a limited edition, individually cased. It is HUGE! Here Author, Photographer, Film Maker Peter Adams signs one of the first books out of the shipment for those who supported his Kickstarter and other launch programs. If you haven't ordered your copy yet you can do so at the website, https://peteradams.com/. In my five decades in Photography no other book captures so much the essence of the craft. It is a masterwork - An essential for anyone who wants to understand what photography has been about this past 100 years, worldwide. Half a lifetime's work - magic in words and images. There is truly nothing like it. Anywhere! 

Congratulations Peter Adams, and full marks to the team who produced it, too many to name in full, but Special thanks to Paul Burrows, Victoria Jefferys of Writelight, Veronica Gilmer & Warren Hinder- all rocks in supporting the project over many years. And legend Ken Duncan who ultimately facilitated the Go button. Legends all.

- John Swainston (First posted on Facebook)

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  • ‘A Few of The Legends’ energises the photographer in all of us to hide behind trees or stand for long moments in a place, in the hope you’ll get ‘that photograph’ of a loved one, or yes, capture a moment that tells a deeper, richer story. This book is inspiring.

    I see the vast history in Peter Adams’ photographic gaze and a vivid honesty in the accompanying stories; so much warmth, humour and mischief.

    Despite the obvious contradictions, there are many reasons to be grateful in 2022. I’ve added ‘A Few of The Legends’ to my list and can only say thank you, Peter Adams. Your big project is a glorious thing.

    Elisabeth Gahl

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