A Few Of The Legends

“Peter Adams’ book is, by any measure, an astonishing achievement.
I read books for a living but rarely encounter anything of such excellence, either in content or presentation. Simply brilliant.”

– Phillip Adams, July 2022.

608 pages, 150,000 words and over 500 iconic photographs!

40,000 film negatives later…

“I had no idea, for example, that I would travel more than 370,000 miles, or that in the course of photographing around 500 photographers that I would expose approximately 3000 rolls of film. Not every photographer made it into the book, but more than half of them did.

“Someone once wrote ‘Put two photographers in a room and you will have a conversation. Put six photographers in a room and you will have an argument. A room containing 100 photographers may quickly descend into a battle!’ But that of course is the charm of photography: because every photographer thinks differently, no two images – even of the same subject matter – will be alike.)

A great Christmas gift... in fact, great anytime.

Individually signed by the author and in a presentation slipcase.

“It is my privilege to know Peter Adams, whose work I enthusiastically admire and respect.”

Ruth Bernhard, USA.

“Probably the most in-depth contextualisation of global photography ever undertaken.”

Rob Imhoff, Australia.

“No one has produced – or even attempted – a book as outrageously ambitious as this,
and to produce so many outstanding portraits too is truly remarkable.”

Paul Hill, UK.

“As the founder of the Recontres of Arles, I have a deep appreciation of what Peter has done.”

Lucien Clergue, France.

“What an extraordinary collection of portraits of so many true characters and photographic legends.
This book is a testament to Peter’s talent as a photographer and his dedication over so many years.”

Anne Geddes, New Zealand.

Peter is one of the few who understands that a portrait needs a bit of the photographer and a bit of the subject. The trick is finding the right balance between the two.”

Arnold Newman, USA.

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Exhibition at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, December, 2020.