Under the Skin

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‘Under the Skin, Volume 3': A gentle collection of portraits and observations of ordinary people who had never posed naked in front of a camera before. 

“I use the word ordinary very guardedly”, says Peter. “These women are far from ordinary ... in fact they are quite extra-ordinary in that they had the courage to face their fears and pose in front of my camera. I have heard wowsers claim that nude photography is an exploitation of women. Rubbish! A great nude photograph is a celebration of a woman and collaboration between the subject and the artist and it certainly cancouldn't be made without the willing participation of the subject!"

This beautifully produced book of portraits and observations is a collectors’ delight and a great addition to any collector or the library of any student of nude photography.  Obtain your personalised copy of this limited edition, hard copy book, directly form Peter Adams through the secure order system on this site. Available ONLY directly from the photographer. 

ISBN NUMBER: 0-9757813-1-6, Hard cover, 96 pages, 16.5 x 24cm, $15.00 (remainder stock)