The Digital Female Nude

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Foreword Pg. 6 7
What Pictures Pg 10 11
Projects Pg.12 13
Finding Subjects Pg. 16 17
Contacting Women Pg 18 19
Exposure Pg.38 39
Comfort Pg.50 51
Ideas Pg.84 85
How to use colour Pg.102 103
Classical Nudes Pg.110 111
Sexual Images Pg.114 115
How to Exhibit Pg 166 167

‘The Digital Female Nude’: The beauty and grace of the female form has captivated artists for centuries but, in the digital age, can photographers still capture the nude body with artful sensitivity? Peter Adams gives a rare glimpse behind the scenes of his photo shoots, showing us how to use accurate techniques to achieve stunning and organic results. Combining powerful photographic examples with creative insights. The Digital Female Nude is at once an inspirational book to admire and an essential step-by-step guide.

Included are chapters on: Deciding on the pictures you want to make? Creating an essay, Professional Models vs Ordinary People, how to handle them and how to find subjects for free, How to handle the first meeting, Studio or Location, Location surveys, Model releases, Cameras and Equipment, How many Pixels, Exposure control, Speed and Aperture, ISO and White Balance, Making your own equipment, Flash and flash meters, Making your model comfortable, Common courtesies and etiquette, Posing techniques, Working in shaded and full sun, Using silks and reflectors, Composition and breaking the rules, Styles of nude photography, Colour vs B&W, Digital Darkroom, Understanding Raw and JPG files, Correcting exposure & sharpness, Converting to B&W, Printing and Promotion, Colour management, Portfolios and slideshows, and framing and how to create an exhibition of your work.

175 pages, 26.5 cm x 18.5 cm, soft cover. Obtain your dedicated and signed copy, directly from Peter Adams through the secure ordering system on this site, or through fine book shops. (ISBN NUMBER: 978-1-86108-556-6).

($50.00 plus postage, packaging and handling – only a few copies remaining)